Pascal Lund-Jensen (1995) is a sound and media artist living in Zurich. His artistic work includes electroacoustic compositions and performances, as well as sound and video installations and audiovisual works. He completed his Bachelor Sound Arts at the University of the Art Bern before taking up a Master in Electroacoustic Composition at the Zurich University of the Arts. During the master’s he completed an additional two semesters in the Department of Fine Arts.

Currently, Lund-Jensen is engaged in research on artificial acoustic environments through the composition of imagined biophonic and gephonic sounds on a conceptual and technical level.
The multi-channel live performance „A_A_E_S“ is a first excerpt of this exploration. It creates a listening situation that constantly distorts the relationship between the listeners‘ associations and the imagined sounds.

Together with Manolo Müller founded the duo „Rude Solo Light“ in 2019 as an output for club oriented tracks and electroacoustic performances. This project resulted in, among others, the seven track album „Convulse“ released in 2020 and the acousmatic multi-channel live performances „Faim 5:30“.

The tools Lund-Jensen uses for his compositions and works he publishes in the form of Max For Live Devices under the name RSL. Among other things, he developed the sound design instrument „Stright“, which is used by sound designers and composers worldwide.

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